Entangled: Art and the Tasmanian Primary School

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@ Academy Gallery - 23 August 2017

Exhibition curators: Dr Abbey MacDonald and Dr Malcom Bywaters
Exhibition Opening Guest Speaker: Alderman Danny Gibson, City of Launceston

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Entangled explores a need identified within national research and the Tasmanian Art Teachers Association (TATA) to better support primary teachers to enact The Australian Curriculum: The Arts. Within this project, Tasmanian primary teachers and their students were mentored by a specialist art teacher to undertake an art inquiry for exhibition. The art inquiries showcase the explorations of community based topics and issues of concern undertaken in alignment with the existing primary school learning programs. Formative and summative evaluations of the mentors' and teachers' experiences will enable the researchers to identify challenges Tasmanian primary teachers encounter in enacting curriculum change, and articulate the implications these challenges pose for pedagogical transformation and student learning in visual art. The artworks shown in Entangled derive from a pilot investigation that has sought to establish how primary teachers can be best supported to enact curriculum change and deliver authentic visual art learning experiences in Tasmania.

Entangled is presented as part of the Academy Gallery Active Research Program. The Academy Gallery Active Research Program aims to exhibit the research undertaken by the University of Tasmania as a global educational provider.

Entangled is supported by a University of Tasmania Teaching Development Grant.

Entangled is presented by the Academy Gallery as part of the Junior Academy Program in partnership with the Tasmanian Art Teaches Association and Art Education Australia (AEA).

Tasmanian Art Teachers are committed to the Reconciliation process. Through our ongoing work in art education, we acknowledge the original owners of the land upon which we learn, teach and create with our students. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future in our shared spaces of learning, teaching and creating.

Check out the Entangled Catalogue which includes an essay by Dr Abbey MacDonald and Dr Malcom Bywaters.

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