Pedagogical Support for Visual Art Teachers 

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The COVID19 crisis has created unprecedented challenges for visual art educators. Many art teachers are having to reimagine their ways of working; revisioning practice and pedagogies to support moving between digital, online and distanced ways of learning, teaching and making art

Concurrent to finding their way across steep and sudden learning curves themselves, visual art teachers are rallying to develop, collate and share an incredible range of digital resources to help facilitate visual art education opportunities.  

This section include links to blogs, online articles, and communities of practice etc that visual art teachers might like to explore for support, suggestions and strategies to help tend to our own selfcare, and that of our colleagues whilst we teach in times of crisis.


1 Edutopia’s Teacher Wellness
2 Creative Generation Blog
3 UNESCO #ResiliArt
4 artworkarchive
5 Fractured Atlas Blog
6 TeacherMagazine
7 #KeepMakingArt
9 Thinking about pedagogy in an unfolding pandemic
10 50 ways to take care of yourself in the Arts