The COVID19 crisis has effected unprecedented challenge and change for art teachers’ ways of working. These changes have required art teachers to translate and transfer learning content, as well as transform and shift their pedagogies for online platforms to enable distance and eLearning. The teaching practices of Tasmanian Art Teachers have shifted, and will continue to evolve to accommodate the profound and changing needs of our students and communities.

To support Tasmanian art teachers over the months ahead, the Tasmanian Art Teachers Association have collated a suite of visual art teaching and learning resources for F-12 contexts. The initial collation of resources have been developed by the 2019/2020 TATA Council, and we invite the wider Tasmanian art teaching community to contribute to this resource sharing space. If you have a resource that you would like to contribute, please forward on to and we will include it in this resource sharing space. We have sought to acknowledge the individual and institutional efforts, generosity and expertise contained within these contributions, and invite you to do the same in any adaptation and on sharing of ideas contained within these resources.

TATA’s COVID19 resources are an open resource, and will remain freely available for all teachers to access during the COVID19 crisis. Given the unlikelihood of face to face professional learning opportunities for 2020, we offer this resource bank to the art teaching community in the hope that it might assist you in your teaching of the visual arts during the COVID19 crisis. TATA is a volunteer-run organisation, and as such we invite you to support the efforts of our council of volunteers working to support the Tasmanian visual art teaching community by becoming a financial member of TATA. A range of membership options are available depending on your circumstances:

Through collective resource and strategy sharing, we hope we can work together to support each other to foster meaningful visual art experiences for students in Tasmania throughout the COVID19 crisis. We also hope these resources can help address the degree of challenge Tasmanian art teachers experience in their transitioning from traditionally embodied pedagogies to online interfaces and distance modes of delivery.

Section 1: Teaching and Learning Visual Arts Online

Section 2: Engaging in Visual Arts Offline

Section 3: Pedagogical Support for Visual Art Teachers