Teaching and Learning Visual Arts Online

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The COVID19 crisis has seen the global visual art teaching community rally to develop, collate and share an incredible range of digital resources to help facilitate visual art education opportunities.

This section contains a list of weblinks to TATA’s Top 12 recommended webcommunities where digital/online visual art teaching resources are being developed, collated and shared by artists and art educators.

TATA’s Top 12 is not a definitive list and it may be updated/expanded from time to time. As more digital/online art education resources continue to be published, we recommend that you keep an eye on and share any great finds you come across into the AEA open collaborative digital learning and teaching space (link provided in No.1 below).

TATA does not have ownership of the IP (Intellectual Property) contained within any of the resources shared on this website, or any of the webcommunities listed below. TATA acknowledges the generosity of sharing practice that underpins such collaborative resource sharing spaces, and ask that any on-sharing of resources acknowledge the originating IP of the Arts/Education professional/s and/or institutions who have created them, as well as any third party content acknowledged therein.









Art Education Australia’s collaborative digital learning and teaching space (AUS)





Art Education Australia (AEA) have created an open Google Document which includes approximately 100 links to digital and online art education resources. The document is open access and all members of the art education community are invited to browse and contribute to building the open resource. We recommend checking in and on this resource regularly to find/add in new digital and online visual art content.











Teach Make Create (AUS)









From the Teach Make Create website - “Established in 2014 by two Australian based primary educators, Clare and Analie - Teach Make Create is an inspiring resource collection for educators who enjoy teaching through artful and meaningful learning experiences. Our hands-on, open-ended activities are based on The Australian Curriculum, The Early Years Teaching Framework and Reggio Emilia philosophy. Activities can often be adapted to suit any age group. Browse through the site to find ideas to inspire your teaching, engage your students and design beautiful learning spaces”.











Arts and Media Teachers (AUS)







Administered by Tasmanian art teacher Michelle Walker, this online community provides a supportive space committed to the sharing of practice, resources, troubleshooting and achievements made through teachers’ experiences of implementing the Australian Curriculum – The Arts. A highly active community of over 1k members, the group shares links to artist/teacher made demonstrative art making videos as well as opportunities to join and contribute to Canvas and other online courses/content developed by Australian visual and media art teachers.












Art Teachers Australia (AUS)









From the ‘About’ section of the Art Teachers Australia Facebook group page – “This group is for Visual Arts Teachers of Australia (Primary, Middle and Secondary) as well as generalist teachers including Early Childhood with an interest in visual arts education. The purpose of this group is to create a network for like-minded (art) teachers who can communicate about classroom and school level issues; to share information on units, lesson plans, and other ideas Australia-wide specific to the visual arts. Objectives of this group: to share FREE resources, ideas, and information and seek support for lessons and classroom practices relating to the visual arts across any year level…This group is not affiliated with any Art Education associations and is run voluntary by passionate Art Teachers”. This is a wonderfully active online community of over 3.5k members, sharing multiple updates most days.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/artteachersaustralia









Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) online resources (AUS)




TMAG has a range of online learning resources including education kits, podcasts, videos and useful web links. These resources provide a wealth of opportunities for educators to explore the Collection from the convenience of their own classroom. Some online resources, while not relating to current exhibitions or programs, can still provide useful research material and ideas for students and teachers.









ABC Education - Visual Arts (AUS)






ABC Education has created a range of videos and teaching resources for the Arts suitable for primary and second students. All of the resources are mapped to the Australian Curriculum with short videos often accompanying these to assist educators. These are clearly labelled for particular year levels and cover a fantastic range of topics.






Ken Done – Educational Resources (AUS)



Australian artist and designer Ken Done has developed a wonderful suite of online/downloadable resources to inspire a range art making activities for ECE/primary aged students.








National Portrait Gallery of Australia – Learning resources (AUS)




The National Portrait Gallery of Australia has a range of fantastic Google Arts and Culture education resources. Their Portrait Stories use video, multimedia and sound to present the stories of artists who are included in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery collection. An excellent resource to engage students and can also be used as a self-directed learning tool for older students.









AGNSW’s Together in Art – Kids (AUS)






From the AGNSW website – “At a deeply challenging time for the arts in Australia, Together In Art is working with artists, performers, educators and our community partners to create meaningful art encounters that offer daily inspiration. From our home on Gadigal land, to your home wherever it may be, we’ll be bringing you new commissions, pocket exhibitions, behind-the-scenes tours, soul-stirring performances, art classes with some of Australia’s great artists, deep dives into the riches of our collection, and much more. Let’s stand #TogetherInArt, even though we’re physically apart, and find our way through this crisis”.








National Gallery of Australia (NGA) Art from home resources  (AUS)




A range of Education resources for K-12 covering Australian Art, Indigenous Art, European + American art, Asian and Pacific art. Including rich content videos from the Gallery’s collection in partnership with ABC Education (explore in conjunction with No. 4 above).








Firstsite Art is where the home is downloadable packs (UK)





From the Firtsite website –“Stay inspired with Firstsite’s artist created activity packs, featuring contributions from UK artists including Antony Gormley, Gillian Wearing, Idris Khan, Jeremy Deller, Mark Wallinger and more. ‘Art is where the home is’ will give you ideas about how to get creative at home. Anyone can have a go – there are no specialist materials required, plus it’s completely FREE to download”.






TATE Kids (UK)




The TATE kids site is an online game space that lets you make, create and design a virtual piece, exhibit it at TATE and save it to exhibit in other digital spaces.